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Carmel MCDC - 2017.12.30

posted Dec 31, 2017, 10:54 AM by Andy Shore
My final contra gig of 2017 was the New Year's Eve Eve dance in Carmel. I always enjoy working with Continental Drift (Eileen Nicholson Kalfass & Eric Anderson)! We had a good crowd with several new-comers who did quite well. Here's what I called:
"Breaking the Ice" by Bob Isaacs
"Give Chris a Hand" by Bob Golder
"Heart of Glass" by Cary Ravitz
"Winter Evening Rollaway" by Yoyo Zhou
"Pearls of Wisdom" by Bob Isaacs
"Dance All Night" by Rick Mohr (4 face 4)
=== BREAK ===
"Dancy Nancy" by Katy Heine
"Chinese New Year" by Chris Page
"Dancing With Mike" by Linda Leslie
"A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination" by Tavi Merrill
"There is no Way to Peace, Peace is the Way" by Erik Hoffman
"Rock Creek Reel" by David Harris (no walk thru)