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Fire Ant Frolic, Austin, TX - 2019.10.26

posted Oct 27, 2019, 1:52 PM by Andy Shore   [ updated Nov 10, 2019, 7:53 AM ]
I was invited to call two guest session at Fire Ant Frolic in Austin.  I called a session of OddBall Contras - non-longways, non-duple dances, and I ended with one of my own unusual compositions: 
"Gender Free Dance for Five" by  Bill Baritompa [youtube]
"The Weevil" (for 7) by Richard Mason [youtube] [choreo]
"The New Parliament House Jig aka The Prime Minister" (for 9) by John Colville [youtube] [choreo]
"[Title of Contra]" by Andy Shore  [choreo]
and I composed and co-called the contra medley with Ann Jenneman and Marc Airhart:
"Heartbeat Contra" by Don Flaherty
"Mama Loo’s Reel" by Gene Hubert
"Slapping the Wood" by Don Flaherty
"Aqueous (DI)" by Don Flaherty
"Box the Bat" by Lynn Ackerson
"There You Go" by Sue Rosen
"Earl & Squirrel" by Chris Weiler
"Give Chris a Hand" by Bob Golder
"Once More With Feeling" by Isaac Banner
"Melted Butter" by Will Mentor
"Cheat Lake Twirl" by Perry Shafran
"Sleepless at Pinewoods" by Bob Isaacs