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Hayward BACDS - 2018.01.28

posted Jan 28, 2018, 9:43 PM by Andy Shore
Lots of newcomers for the Sunday afternoon Hayward dance with a rockin' band Pepperjack! Here's what I called:
"Matthew Just in Time" by David Kaynor
"Back of the Envelope" by Dugan Murphy
"Cascades" by Orace Johnson
"First Hey" by Paul Balliet
"Cheat Lake Twirl" by Perry Shafran
"Hang Time" by Bob Isaacs & Roger Auman
"Amhurst & Wooster" by Chris Weiler
"Aqueous" by Don Flaherty
"Merry Maze Reel" by Rick Mohr
"Dancing With Mike" by Linda Leslie
"Winter Evening Rollaway" by Yoyo Zhou
"Vote With Your Feet" by Bob Isaacs
"The Hobbit" by Melanie Axel-Lute

Note: Lesson learned! "Time Travel" dances (ones with previous-neighbor interaction) probably not best as a final dance with a tiring crowd! :)