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LCFD Spring Dance Camp - 2016.05.06-08

posted May 8, 2016, 5:26 PM by Andy Shore   [ updated May 10, 2016, 9:29 AM ]
I had an amazing time calling my first dance camp as the featured contra caller. Calling for LCFD was extra-special, as it was wonderful to have so many friends there. Frost & Fire provided excellent music all weekend -- Aaron Marcus selected excellent tunes!

I was fighting a cold all weekend long but willpower and adrenaline helped suppress the worst of it. I'll possibly collapse when we return home tomorrow.

Here are the dances I called. The evening parties also featured English Country Dances called by Tom Roby.

Friday Evening welcome dance party
"Cascades" by Orace Johnson
"Dance Both Rolls" by Yoyo Zhou
"Further and More" by Lisa Greenleaf

"Trip to Hubert" by Will Mentor
"Salute to Larry Jennings" by Ted Sannella & Larry Jennings

"Dancy Nancy" by Katy Heine
"Old Time Elixir #2" by Linda Leslie

Saturday Morning wake up contras
"Airpants" by Lisa Greenleaf
"Birmingham’s" by Gary Nelson
"Aqueous" by Don Flaherty
"Amhurst & Wooster" by Chris Weiler
"Not a Figment of Your Imagination" by Lynn Ackerson
"Leap of Faith" by Bob Isaacs

Saturday Afternoon challenging contras
"Square Route" by Chris Page & Bob Isaacs
"A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination" by Tavi Merrill
"Revenge of the Square Dance Caller" by Ron Buchanan
"I’ll Meet You Back at the Beginning" by Heather Carmichael

Saturday Evening dance party
"Stimulus Package" by John Coffman
"Prince of Hales" by Jean-Michael Seng Wheeler
"The Other Mary Kay’s Reel" by Tom Hinds

"Vote With Your Feet" by Bob Isaacs
"Star of the Show" by Melanie Axel-Lute

"Labor of Love" by Kathy Anderson
"Fairport Harbor" by Paul Balliet

Sunday Morning - Oddball dances & Curious Contras
"Ozymandius" by Martha Wild
"Double Dot" by  Stew Shacklette
"Groovemongers Contra" by Don Flaherty
"Gender Free Dance for Five" by  unknown
"Rocket City Romp" by Cis Hinkle
"The Weevil" by Richard Mason
"Floorplay" by Paul Balliet

Sunday Afternoon closing party
"Lavender Snow" by Will Mentor
-medley- "Give Chris a Hand" by Bob Golder
-medley- "Solstice Special" by Tony Parkes
-medley- "Young at Heart" by Steve Zakon-Anderson

"Cats & More Cats" by Melanie Axel-Lute
"Mystery Dance #4" by Linda Leslie & Joseph Pimentel