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NM FolkMADS Boo Camp - 2019.11.1-3

posted Nov 3, 2019, 1:16 PM by Andy Shore   [ updated Nov 10, 2019, 7:52 AM ]
I had an amazing time calling the NM FolkMADS Boo Camp weekend with music by Sandra & Rodney and The Cheap Shots! The camp was just outside gorgeous Taos, NM. We had a really fun time all weekend long.  Here's my program:
Friday Night - Sandra & Rodney
"Breaking the Ice" by Bob Isaacs
"Cheat Lake Twirl" by Perry Shafran
"The Missing Piece" (var) by Bronwyn Woods
"Treasure of the Soda Bar" by Maia McCormick
"Cats & More Cats" by Melanie Axel-Lute
"Trip to Hubert" by Will Mentor
"Chorus Jig" by (Traditional)
"Petro Promenade" by Bob Isaacs
"Amhurst & Wooster" by Chris Weiler

Saturday Morning "Oddball Dances"- The Cheap Shots
"Gender Free Dance for Five" by  Bill Baritompa [youtube]
"The Weevil" (for 7) by Richard Mason [youtube] [choreo]
"The New Parliament House Jig aka The Prime Minister" (for 9) by John Colville [youtube] [choreo]
"Path To The Past" by Chris Page

Saturday Afternoon "Contra Citizen Workshop" - The Cheap Shots
"The Nice Combination" by Gene Hubert
"Al’s Safeway Produce" by Robert Cromartie
"Fairport Harbor" by Paul Balliet
"Amy’s Harmonium" by Cary Ravitz

Saturday Afternoon "Gender Free Session" - The Cheap Shots
"Airpants" by Lisa Greenleaf
"There You Go" by Sue Rosen
"Aqueous" by Don Flaherty
"Evil Duane" by Erik Weberg
"Pete’s Dark Roast" by Andy Shore

Saturday Evening - Sandra & Rodney
"Pedal Pushers" by Bob Dalsemer
"[Title of Contra]" by Andy Shore
"The Wise People of Chicago" by Bradley Smith
"Wizard’s Walk" by Ruth Ungar
"Leave the Wine" by Rick Mohr
"Rock Creek Reel" by David Harris [no walk thru]
"Wicked Smooth" by Don Veino
"Climate Change’s Reel" by Ron Blechner
"There is no Way to Peace, Peace is the Way" by Erik Hoffman
"The Hobbit" by Melanie Axel-Lute
"Home Cooking" by Don Flaherty [no walk thru]

Sunday Morning - Sandra & Rodney
"Zag It Back" by Jacqui Grennan
"Doorbits" by Andy Shore
"Heart of Joy" by Chris Page
"Salute to Larry Jennings" by Ted Sannella & Larry Jennings
"Catch Me If You Can" by Jim Hemphill
"United We Dance" by Bob Isaacs
"Starburst" by Cary Ravitz
"Mystery Dance #4" by Linda Leslie & Joseph Pimentel [no walk thru]