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Oakland Queer Contra 2016.03.26

posted Mar 27, 2016, 12:12 AM by Andy Shore
Erik Hoffman, Michael Harmon and Roxanne Oliva played great tunes for the dance in Oakland. Thanks to Erik's knowledge and skills I managed several rolling starts, which was lots of fun. We had a small, mixed crowd of experienced and new dancers. We decided to skip a middle break, keep more people through the otherwise shortened evening.  My program was:
"Airpants" by Lisa Greenleaf
"Cascades" by Orace Johnson
"Black Bird in the Night" by Don Flaherty
"The Carousel" by Tom Hinds
"Pearls of Wisdom" by Bob Isaacs
"Stir Crazy" by Erik Weberg
"Further and More" by Lisa Greenleaf
"A Last Hurrah" by Erik Hoffman