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Orange Blossom Ball VII - 2018.01.18-20

posted Jan 20, 2019, 5:19 PM by Andy Shore
The Moving Violations and Giant Robot Band powered us through a fun weekend in Daytona, FL! Bob Isaacs, Lisa Greenleaf and I had a great time calling for the enthusiastic crowd. Here's what we called:

Friday Night

B - Frederick Contra [nwt]

L - Hocus Pocus [nwt]

B - Think Outside the Box

L - Truffles Before Breakfast

B - Grid Square Simple Pleasures

L - Winter Storm


Aqueous, Close Friends, Blue Haired Girl,

Box the Bat, Rock the Cradle, Joe, To Live is To Dance (var

A - The Missing Piece (var)

A - Bumbling in the Shower

A - Path to the Past

A - Zag It Back

A - Amherst & Wooster

A - Mystery Dance #4 [nwt]

Saturday AM

B - Sealed with a Keith

B - Back and Forth

B - Daisy Chains

B - Spin the Grid

B - Goody One Shoe

B - A Rare Bird

B - Labor of Love

B - Tica Tica Timing / Cruising the Grid /  Butter

Saturday Afternoon

L - Catch a Falling Star

A - Doorbits

L - [square] Virginia Reel Square

A - Nothing Works and We Don’t Know Why

L - Laura’s Secret Garden

A - Floorplay

Saturday Evening

B - Slapping the Wood

B - Petro Promenade

B - Silent Partner

B - Getaway Hey

B - My Right Hand Man

B - Love at First Swing

B - 3,33,33


Balance and Cross, Alternating Corners, Southern Swing,

United We Dance, Centrifugal Hey, Revolution Reel

A - Merry Maze Reel

L - [square]

A - Rollin’ Outta Barstow

L - Hotpoint Special

A - Debbie’s Delight

L - Rocking Robin

A - Trip to Hubert

Sunday AM

B - Urban Modern Groove [nwt]

B - The Cure for the Claps [nwt]

B - Lost in the Shadows [nwt]

B - Roll Twelve [nwt]

B - Brilliant Holmes [nwt]

B - Heart of Glass [nwt]

Sunday Afternoon

L - California Contra

A - Catch Me If You Can

L - Gypsy Moon

B - Back Up Plan

A - The Hobbit

B - Grid square Twirl Thru

Medley (Bob, Andy, & Alice Rayburn)

Rock Creek Reel, Mad, Mad World, Early Evening Rollaway,

Apples & Chocolate (var), Jet Lag Rag, Heart of Glass

A - Heart of Joy

B - Double Your Fun

A - There Is No Way to Peace, Peace Is The Way

B - Return 2 Sender

A - Marshmallows in Flight [nwt]

B - Vote With Your Feet