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Palo Alto BACDS - 2018.01.27

posted Jan 28, 2018, 9:38 PM by Andy Shore
Great fun calling with Contra In-Tent-City, a band I met when we were featured at Catapult! 2017. We had a really nice crowd and a couple of the first-timers even lasted until the end. Here's what I called:
"Matthew Just in Time" by David Kaynor
"Frederick Reel" by Tom Hinds
"Give Chris a Hand" by Bob Golder
"32 Seconds" by Tom Calwell
"Hang Time" by Bob Isaacs & Roger Auman
"Leap of Faith" by Bob Isaacs
"Merry Maze Reel" by Rick Mohr
"Ted and Lynn" by Rick Mohr
"Peteā€™s Dark Roast" by Andy Shore
"unknown title (swat the flea)" by Ron Buchanan
"Ozymandius" by Martha Wild