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Petaluma 2017.02.05

posted Feb 6, 2017, 5:19 PM by Andy Shore
What a great way to spend a rainy superbowl Sunday evening! Calling for NBCDS with music by Triple Play was a really fun night.  Here's what I called:
"Greetings" by Tori Barone
"Rock Creek Reel" by David Harris
"Give Chris a Hand" by Bob Golder
"Hocus Pocus" by Lisa Greenleaf
"Aberdeen Angus #2" by John Coffman
"Cheat Lake Twirl" by Perry Shafran
"Further and More" by Lisa Greenleaf
"Where There’s A Will" by Andy Shore
"Dance All Night" by Rick Mohr
"Rollin’ Outta Barstow" by Chris Page
"The Boys from Urbana" by John Coffman
"Ozymandius" by Martha Wild (no walk thru)