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San Rafael 2017.3.11

posted Mar 12, 2017, 3:14 PM by Andy Shore
I call my first San Rafael NBCDS dance last night! What a great venue and such a fun time. Wonderful music by Adrianna Ciccone & Josh and sound by Marty. We had a good number of beginners, and the regulars made them feel welcome and they did really well. I had a couple of goofs, but the dancers were forgiving! Here was my program:
"Back of the Envelope" by Dugan Murphy
"Peace Through Dance" by Perry Shafran
"Forgotten Treasure" by Beth Parkes
"First Hey" by Paul Balliet
"Cheat Lake Twirl" by Perry Shafran
"Becket in the Kitchen" by Becky Hill
"Cats & More Cats" by Melanie Axel-Lute
"Sleepless at Pinewoods" by Bob Isaacs
"Wingnut Whirl" by Allan Brozek
"Susie’s Send-Off" by Scott Higgs
"Scooter" by Tom Hinds
"Southern Grits" by Seth Tepfer
"Rock Creek Reel" by David Harris - no walk thru