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South Bay BACDS Contra - 2019.05.19

posted May 19, 2019, 8:15 PM by Andy Shore
I got to work again with the amazing duo of Rodney Miller & Daniel Steinberg! A unusual wet, rainy afternoon kept some people away, be we had a fun time in San Jose. I called five dances that were first-timers for me, including Money Musk! I'm slowly building my chestnut repertoire.  Here's what I called:
"Back of the Envelope" by Dugan Murphy
"Cascades" by Orace Johnson
"Becky’s Becket" by David Zinkin
"Benjo (var)" by Jo Mortland
"Mistakes Happen; Have Fun" by Ron Blechner
"Sugar Britches 2.0" by Dana Parkinson
"Trip to Brown University" by Linda Leslie
"Money Musk" by (Traditional)
"Zag It Back" by Jacqui Grennan
"Melted Butter" by Will Mentor
"Out of Circulation" by Chris Page
"Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better" by Tavi Merrill
"Let’s Go to Croix" by George Marshall