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TDSC Santa Cruz Contra - 2019.02.22

posted Feb 22, 2019, 10:28 PM by Andy Shore
Adrianna Ciccone & Daniel Steinberg played some great tunes for our local dance on a cold Friday night in Santa Cruz. Here's what I called:
"The Nice Combination" by Gene Hubert
"To Turn a Phrase" by Bob Isaacs
"Cranky Ingenuity" by Bill Olson
"Molly Pitcher" by Melanie Axel-Lute
"Heartbeat Contra" by Don Flaherty
"Fidgety Feet" by Mark Richardson
"The Little Green Heron" by Joseph Pimentel
"Finishing Touches" by Ridge Kennedy
"Wicked Smooth" by Don Veino
"Not a Trip to Vegas" by Chris Page
"Rickrack" by Barb Kirchner
"Click Your Heels" by Bob Isaacs
"Let’s Go to Croix" by George Marshall