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2018 West Coast Contra Tour - Polaris & Andy Shore

* Seattle * Portland * Berkeley * Santa Rosa * San Francisco * San Jose *

About Polaris:

Polaris is contra dance band born and raised in the rich music scene of Western Massachusetts and Vermont, these folks have been soaking in musical stew since before they could walk. They came together as Polaris in 2015, and continue to delight dancers throughout New England.

Consisting of Marta Bartholomew and Rose Jackson on twin fiddles, Sam Zakon-Anderson on piano, and Jesse Ball on accordion, guitar, hammer dulcimer, and feet, they infuse their music with youthful energy and exuberance that fills up the hall.

About Andy Shore:

Andy Shore, a Modern Western Square Dance caller since 1989, discovered the joys of contra dancing in 2005 and began calling contras in 2007 to the very welcoming dance community around South Florida. Andy moved back to California in 2013 and lives near Santa Cruz. He calls contras regularly in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, and Berkeley, as well as further afield. 

With over 29 years of calling experience, Andy loves everything from teaching beginners to satisfying seasoned dancers. Dancers enjoy Andy's clear walk-throughs and dry wit, while he takes them on a journey through choreography and music. 

Both Polaris and Andy were featured performers at Catapult! Contra Showcase in 2017.

Tour Dates:

8/9 - Seattle - Lake City Contra
8/10 - Seattle - Emerald City Contra
8/11 - Portland - PCDC Portland Contra
8/15 - Berkeley - BACDS Berkeley Contra [Larks/Ravens]
8/17 - Santa Rosa - NBCDS Santa Rosa Contra
8/18 - San Francisco - BACDS San Francisco Contra
8/19 - San Jose - BACDS South Bay Contra [Larks/Ravens] (w/ Next Steps workshop)