Goodies for Callers

Singing Call Figures - Second Edition, revised (July 2010)
A PDF collection of nearly 500 Modern Western Square Dance singing call figures for Basic through Plus. The figures have been added to Vic Ceder's database of singing call figures at

Blank Squares "Corner Finder"
A 2-page PDF file of "blank squares" for writing down pilot squares. I print up multiple duplexed copies and staple them to carry in my caller case.

Contra Dance "Checkers"
A PDF file of "checkers" for working out choreography. Print it on heavy card stock and get it laminated front and back at an office supply store. Then cut them out to use for working out choreography.

I've been on various panels at CALLERLAB conventions. Recordings of those sessions may be available through CALLERLAB and edited/updated handouts may be available at  These include:
Teaching Tips for Mainstream (2002)
Teaching Tips for Plus (2003)
Best of Teaching Tips (2004)
Alternative Patter Music (see Clark Baker's page)
Recruiting Tips (2004)